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A Thought

Steve Gierhart

Imprinted memories are sometimes so monumental, so joyous, that we cling to them like life rafts.

I may have trouble remembering jokes, or the name of the guy I used to work with three months ago. But the memory of my dad reading to me at bedtime as a child is hard-wired and fondly remembered. It was Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn that did it. They are as real as the old blanket and squeaky bedsprings that I laid on as my father read to me from a rickety chair. A reflection of those nights will always result in the feel of the goosebumps rising as I listened to Tom and Becky escaping Injun Joe in the dark cave, or the touch of the misty aWeb Authorsir flowing over Huck’s raft in the middle of the Mississippi River. Those books and those moments at bedtime shaped me more than my father would have imagined. My father’s love for books (and he was a Louis L’Amour man) crafted a seminal moment for me. It crafted my unfulfilled aspirations.

I adore reading and writing. I am retired now and I can indulge my weakness. But I should have indulged it more routinely in the past, even if the needs of my family dictated it remain a hobby.

So I started this little company in hopes of building that fire, that enduring energy of love and hope that reading and writing can provide for other like-minded in our lovely State of Alabama.

If you are a resident and think you have the potential to be the next Harper Lee or Homer Hickam (and that’s just the “Hs”), give me a ring. I can’t guarantee you’ll be on the shelves of your local library, much less a best seller, but I can be your publisher partner whose goal is to do just that! .

I am living proof that young or old, it is never too early or late to satisfy that lust for life that is reflected in my craft. That is the writer’s conduit to inspirations and emotions that he is driven to see on paper, even if he must use the computer. Why? Maybe because they are ones that reality beats down but can never extinguish.

Regards, Steve Gierhart-Editor, The Ardent Writer Press

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We want The Ardent Writer Press to be the whiskey filling your belly. We want The Ardent Writer Press to be the platform for your craft’s growth and passion so that it spills new worlds of action, adventure, magic, and love to the reader that awaits your story.