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Michael E. Williams — The Bowtown Curvy

This is Michael E. Williams (Dr. Mike), author of the young adult novel, The Bowtown Curvy.


The Ardent Writer Press welcomes author Michael E. Williams (Dr. Mike) with his heart-warming tale of a young Asian’s path to adulthood in a small Missouri town where his father’s legacy in a rusty roller coaster depends on the young teen’s ability to make a stand against bullying and social isolation.

The Bowtown Curvy  (To Be Released – June 30, 2020)

The Bowtown Curvy by Michael E. WilliamsFROM THE AUTHOR

I’m proud to become a member of the Ardent Writer Press with the publication of my new book, The Bowtown Curvy.

Although a work of fiction, the situations and emotions of Curtie Pomerantz are a result of the challenges of early adolescence with the additional burden of bullying that are experienced every day in real life by school age students. The story takes place in the early 1960’s where reactions and interventions in schools and society to bullying were minimal, with strong parallels to many discipline policies today.

In my 33 years of practice as a counseling psychologist working with people from preschool to adulthood in hospital, private practice, and educational settings, I’ve had firsthand opportunity to observe individuals’ reactions to a multitude of stressors.  It is those reactions that have influenced my writing, both in novel form, and in my opinion column in our community newspaper.

Growing up, I had the opportunity to live in three states before returning to my home state of Missouri and completing my B.S and M.A at the University of Missouri, and my Ph.D. at St. Louis University.  I presently live in St. Louis, where I met the love of my life, Barb, who would become not just my wife, but my inspiration and my partner in adventures, great and small.

This is Michael E. Williams (Dr. Mike), author of the young adult novel, The Bowtown Curvy, and his wife, Barb.

Meet “Dr. Mike” and his loving wife, Barb. Author of The Bowtown Curvy and Frozen at 1/1000th, Michael E. Williams is a psychologist/therapist with over 33 years of experience.

The Bowtown Curvy

by Michael E. Williams

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(June 30, 2020 Release)