Submission Guidelines for Publication

Authors seeking to submit works for publication will benefit from these publishing submission guidelines.

Published Works

Published Works

Submission Guidelines should be followed both sequentially and exactly. Our purpose is not to reduce the opportunities for author and publisher, but to reduce the publisher’s labor to the most fruitful and efficient results.

Both fiction and non-fiction submissions will be reviewed  Good examples of preferred nonfiction are Candace Millard’s The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey or James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small. In such cases, you may need to include footnotes. We are not reviewing or seeking poetry.

Publishing Submission Guidelines

Email: or

Step One – Query email (regular post is not solicited, nor will it be reviewed). Include Author’s name, address, and phone number and the following digital files:

1. Story Title and Synopsis. The Ardent Writer Press may choose to change your title.

2. The Pitch. Generally speaking, The Pitch is the hook that an author places on his book cover or a bookseller, publisher, or author would place online to catch potential readers, to lure them with the mysteries, excitement, and compelling characters lying within the story.

3. Word Count of your manuscript. Your word count should be between 20,000 and 120,000 words. Note that Ardent Writer Press will check for word count. Those not meeting this requirement will not be reviewed.

4. First Chapter. Do not combine several chapters into a new Chapter One. 5000 words should be the maximum.

Based on your initial input, we may ask for Chapters 2-5 plus:

1. Author Biography. One page (and not a resume). Include writing awards, no matter how small, if you have them. Don’t be shy. On the other hand, your lack of awards or existing credentials does not eliminate your manuscript from consideration.

2. Do you plan on buying copies of your book at our discount publisher-author rate (50 copies or more)? Our discount rate is print price plus 20%. If you sell these afterwards, the author is responsible for collecting any associated sales tax, etc, required by the state or local government.

3. Marketing plan. Authors should be aware that success is most often dictated by their personal attention to marketing and promotion. Your contract with The Ardent Writer Press will require your participation in such.

Step Three and Offer – Based on a review of your novel’s topic, your writing style, and the quality of your edited story, we may ask for your full manuscript. Those providing manuscripts will get a full review from the editor. Note that no later than this step, the author must inform The Ardent Writer Press of any other simultaneous reviews from other agencies or publishers.

Those going through a full review of their manuscript may be offered a contract.