Nancy Owen Nelson Signs with The Ardent Writer Press for Her Memoir, Searching for Nannie B.

Nancy Owen Nelson at the grave site of her grandmother, Nannie B. Russell

Nancy Owen Nelson at the grave site of her grandmother, Nannie B. Russell

On March 19, 2015 Nancy Owen Nelson signed with Steve Gierhart and The Ardent Writer Press for the publication of her memoir, Searching for Nannie B. Since that time Nancy has been busy preparing a book signing and speaking tour once her memoir is published this summer.

Nancy has published articles in several academic journals and anthologies. She is co-editor of The Selected Letters of Frederick Manfred: 1932-1954 (University of Nebraska Press, 1989) and editor of Private Voices, Public Lives: Women Speak on the Literary Life (1995, University of North Texas Press) and The Lizard Speaks: Essays on the Writings of Frederick Manfred (the Center for Western Studies, 1998). She has a published poetry in the What Wildness is This? (University of Texas Press, March 2007) as well as in the South Dakota Review and Graffiti Rag and has creative nonfiction pieces in Mom’s Writing Literary Journal (Fall, 2008), Lalitamba journal, and Roll (Telling Our Stories Press, 2013). She is currently teaching writing in several colleges and a memoir workshop for Springfed Arts (a Detroit literary/music organization).

The Ardent Writer Press welcomes Nancy to the fold!


Steve Gierhart
Dale “Steve” Gierhart is a retired business manager for the United States Army. Based in Huntsville, Alabama on Redstone Arsenal, his career lasted from 1975 to 2010 in which he managed contracts, finances/accounting, and cost estimating for several missile defense systems, among which were Stinger, Avenger, Chaparral, Sentinel, JLENS, SLAMRAAM, and Non-Line of Sight.  The author wishes to thank the many co-workers, peers, and contractors who made these programs successful.  It is their tireless work that brought these systems to the soldier that needed them.  While budget constraints made it difficult for some of their work to see its full potential, they never blinked, they adjusted.  They persevered. Steve hails from Shawnee, Oklahoma; but most of his adult life has been spent in the beautiful hills of North Alabama where he lives with his wife, Bonny, who raises Tennessee Walking Horses. Between them, Steve and Bonny have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Steve enjoys writing now that he is retired and plans more excursions of the imagination. He and Bonny, a retired engineer who worked as a contractor on several NASA and Army programs, will travel in their retirement though 15 horses, 4 dogs and 3 cats can crimp the best of plans.