Greg Starnes

Master Storyteller and Entertainer, Freelance Writer,

Civil War Historian and Preservationist


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Greg Starnes

Author Greg Starnes (Hollers from the Hollows – A Collection of Ghost Stories from DeKalb County, Alabama) is also a master storyteller and entertainer.

His extensive communication background, including a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from the University of Alabama (cum laude 1991), videographer, freelance writer, and now storyteller/entertainer, has prepared him well to entertain and talk about our proud heritage of the South.

As a videographer, he started his own company from scratch, and built a client base in 41 states and 6 foreign countries. He mainly produced sports highlight packages, but also shot and edited weddings, graduations and special events such as Fan Fair in Nashville, TN.

As a writer, he has been published is several newspapers and magazines. Besides being featured in The Anniston Star, The Chattanooga Times-Free Press, The Fort Payne Times-Journal and The Talladega Daily Home, Greg has written for FATE Magazine, The Alabama Confederate, The Oxford Sun, The Groundhog, and The North Jackson Progress. He is currently under contract with Alabama Heritage for a feature article about a little-known Confederate supply depot and training camp complex located in Anniston.

His background in communication and the arts has currently evolved into a successful role as a storyteller. Internationally known storyteller, Renee Morrison, a good friend of Greg’s, encouraged this outlet. She teamed with Greg to speak at Spookapalooza in DeSoto State Park as well as the International Tellabration event at the Little River Canyon Center in Fort Payne. Greg also tells ghost stories at Fort Payne’s Halloween Block Party, as well as other venues in surrounding counties.

Comments and Reviews from Greg’s Events

“It was supposed to be serious, but the giggling that rippled through the crowd from Greg’s humorous wordplay was infectious.”


“My kids held on to my leg throughout his ghost stories…that’s all they talked about on the way home.”

“His civil war stories were illuminating, sweet, and sometimes tragic, but always thought-provoking and insightful.”

Greg Starnes


Greg Starnes tells spooky stories for Fort Payne’s Halloween Block Party

Greg can be reached at:

Phone – (256) 845-3855


Greg’s Storytelling Fees*

$25/Half Hour


*Customer selects genre and type; but if a specific topic is selected that requires research on the part of Greg, a reasonable accommodation in the fee should be made.

Other Related Conditions

– Gas Reimbursement at the current Alabama rate for mileage of 55 cents per mile.

– If, for whatever reason, overnight accommodations are required, then reimbursement of reasonable hotel or motel costs near the event plus per diem for meals is necessary.
– Two weeks notice prior to event.
– Events further than 100 miles from Fort Payne, Alabama require a written contract.

Greg will be at:

“Storytelling under the Stars” at DeSoto State Park on March 7, 2013 – time TBD.