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Greg Starnes

Author of the Collection of North Alabama Ghost Stories

Hollers from the Hollows


Greg Starnes

Greg Starnes

Author Greg Starnes has signed with The Ardent Writer Press to publish Greg’s collection of Northeast Alabama/DeKalb County ghost stories, entitled Hollers from the Hollows  Hollers was published on February 4, 2013.

Of special note is his partnership with North Alabama artist, Vickie Hancock, of Fyffe.  Vickie’s illustrations are prominently displayed with Greg’s stories in Hollers.

Her gallery and studio in Fyffe is called “The Art Nook”.  Vickie teaches art and has many pieces for sale on her webpage at  Check her out.  Whether you need your own personalized artwork or simply want classes for your own art excursion, she can help.

Greg Starnes was born and raised in Anniston, Alabama, and graduated in the Top Ten of the Saks High School Class of 1986.  He is a proud alumnus of the University of Alabama, graduating cum laude in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications.  Who else but a rabid Tide fan would stay an extra year in college simply to attend an Auburn game one last time as a student? (Greg notes with relish that the Tide won that last year.)

Though Hollers from the Hollows is his first published book, Greg set the stage well for this new endeavor.  His major was broadcasting, with a minor is speech.

He freelances in many areas. 

As a videographer, he started his own company from scratch, and built a client base in 41 states and 6 foreign countries.  He mainly produced sports highlight packages, but also shot and edited weddings, graduations and special events such as Fan Fair in Nashville, TN. 

As a writer, he has been published is several newspapers and magazines.  Besides being featured in The Anniston Star, The Chattanooga Times-Free Press, The Fort Payne Times-Journal and The Talladega Daily Home, Greg has written for FATE Magazine, The Alabama Confederate, The Oxford Sun, The Groundhog, and The North Jackson Progress.  He is currently under contract with Alabama Heritage for a feature article about a little-known Confederate supply depot and training camp complex located in Anniston.  In the 1860s the area was known as Blue Mountain, and it was a vital cog in the Southern war effort.  As many as 7,000 men were camped there at any given time, and the entire Army of Tennessee fell back to Blue Mountain after the fall of Atlanta in the autumn of 1864.

Of special note is Greg’s successful role as a historical preservationist.   He is especially successful in finding little-known or forgotten people and places and bringing their stories to light.  One project resulted in the location of the grave of Charlotte Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stewart.  She and her children were taken prisoner by Union troops under orders from Gen. William T. Sherman.  Her crime: working as a bookkeeper in a factory that produced tents and uniforms for Confederate troops.  Thanks to the cooperation of the DeKalb County chapters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Lizzie now has a beautiful, granite monument placed at the head of her grave in Mt. Vernon Cemetery atop Lookout Mountain.  It is the first of its kind in the world to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of female prisoners of war.  He is also working with local elected officials from Calhoun County, as well as administrators from Jacksonville State University and members of the board of trustees of the Civil War Trust, in an effort to establish a park at the Blue Mountain site, the basis for his upcoming feature for Alabama Heritage.

His background in communication and the arts has currently evolved into a successful role as a storyteller.  Internationally known storyteller,  Renee Morrison, a good friend of Greg’s, encouraged this outlet.  She teamed with Greg to speak at Spookapalooza in DeSoto State Park as well as the International Tellabration event at the Little River Canyon Center in Fort Payne.  Greg also tells ghost stories at Fort Payne’s Halloween Block Party, as well as other venues in surrounding counties.

Greg Starnes tells spooky stories for Fort Payne’s Halloween Block Party

Greg can be contracted for events.  His business and contact information can be found by clicking on the link on the right hand panel.  In addition to the email on the card, you can also reach Greg at

We at Ardent Writer are enthralled with the potential of this new addition to our publishing family.  Greg has many exciting ideas that you, the reader, will be excited to see in our future.  Stay tuned!


Hollers from the Hollows Amazon Sale Page (paperback) is HERE.

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Greg Starnes – Entertainer/Storyteller, Freelance Writer, Civil War Historian and Preservationist

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The Art Nook Fyffe, Alabama

Art classes and Artwork from Vickie Hancock